Active Rollator
Active Rollator
Breeze Rollator
Dealer: Active by Access

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  Breeze basket is perfect for shopping or carrying your personal items. (optional in some markets)   Simple handle height adjustment, no tools required. Reflectors in the handles for nighttime visibility.   Seat can be adjusted in 3 positions between 48 and 62 cm. Easy folding with lift handle on the frame.   Patented maintenance-free brake system with brake cables hidden inside tube for safety.  
  Handy serving tray for food and drinks, dishwasher safe. Optional.   Padded and flexible backrest is height adjustable for comfort. Optional.   Side mount holder for canes, umbrellas or crutches. Optional   Breeze Deluxe bag with flexible pockets, ergonomic zipper and reflective band (optional for some markets).  

Functional Design.

The Breeze is not just an ordinary rollator. The design is stylish, sporty, and smart; saying "I am mobile" in a whole new way. Handle height adjustment is quick and easy with no loose hardware, allowing the user to make the Breeze smaller in just seconds for transport or storage.

Folding is simple, just lift the lightweight Breeze by the red handle and it will lock itself in the folded position. The seat height is adjustable without tools. The brakes are powerful, requiring only a light pull on the levers. The patented design also features internal brake cables that are a no-snag safety feature in addition to presenting a clean and elegant look. Available basket is perfect for shopping or carrying your personal items.

Using this walker, mobility is a Breeze.

Type : Access Breeze
Handle height : 77-95 cm (2'6.3"-3'1.4")
Seat height : 48-62 cm (1'69"-2'04")
Max user weight : 125 kg (275.6 lbs)
Dimensions : 60 x 82 x 77-95 cm (1'11.6"x2'8.3"x2'6.3"-3'1.4")
Folded dimensions : 60 x 27 x 96 cm (1'11.6"x10.6"x3'18")
Weight : 6,9 kg (15.2 lbs)
Front wheels : 20 cm (7.9")
Back wheels : 20 cm (7.9")
Materials : Aluminium and Plastic
Cleaning : Detergent, steam or high pressure water.
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