Active Rollator
Active Rollator
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Accessories for the Active Walker


Active cushion set

In addition to being practical and comfy, these cushions really bleften up the look of your Active walker. The Active cushion set includes a colourful seat cushion embroidered with the Active logo, and a matching padding for your back rest. The cushions are easily attachable by simple velcro straps, the fabric is water resistant and covers are washable. The seat cushion interior is made by memory foam for maximum comfort. The Active cushion set is available in red, green, blue, black, yellow, pink and orange.



Patented ski solution makes the Active a year-round companion. Wheels stick through a slot in the skis so the rollator is still usable indoors. Skis steer and hold the rollator up on the snow. The skis also function as obstacle climbers, and let the rollator go over up to 4cm vertical obsticles. No tools are required and the skis snap on in only seconds.

roll resistor

Roll resistor

This roll resistor mounts easily on to the rear wheel brake arm to give resistance on the back wheel, and prevents the rollator from rolling freely. The resistance level can easily be adjusted by turning the wheel. Mainly for people who have balance problems or needs extra security.


Direction-lock (Swivel wheel stopper)

Simple steel plate that locks the front forks in to the frame to prevent steering. Easy installation with one screw. Accessory for stroke victims and people who have lost direction-control.

serving tray

Serving tray

Conveniant serving tray for carrying food and beverages around the house, with two lowered compartments for cups or glasses. Fits easily onto the seat, and can be washed in the dishwasher.

deluxe bags

Deluxe bag

The Active Deluxe bag has several conveniant pocket solutions for any storage need, it is embroidered with the classical Active logo and has a practical handle for transport. It mounts easily by hooks to the front of the seat and provides 15l extra storage space.

cane holder

Cane holder

The Active cane holder can be used for crutches, umbrellas or canes, and even has a conveniant hook for bags. It is easily attached to either side of the Active.



Steady backrest in ergonomic shape, that attaches to steel brackets under the seat. The backrest is designed to move with the adjustable seat to always ensure a comfortable position with support in the right place. The backrest is and can easily be removed or reattached without tools.

oxygen bottle holder

Oxygen bottle holder

Oxygen bottle holders in 3 different sizes to fit bottles of 1,2l, 2l and 2,5 l. Easily fitted with steel hooks in front of the seat.